Wedding organising

Wedding is the most important day in the life of any person. Both men and women eagerly wait for this most auspicious event of their life. However, planning a marriage is certainly a tedious and time consuming chore similar to go karting. A lot of factors need to be considered in great detail to ensure that your wedding becomes a memorable event. Some of the important elements that go into making a great marriage are explained below.

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Selection of the wedding venue

The first and the most importance part of planning any wedding is the place or venue where the marriage ceremony will be hosted. Make sure you pay attention to minute details while selecting an ideal venue for your marriage ceremony. The number of guests you expect at the ceremony, your budget as well as music and similar arrangements must be taken into account while choosing the venue for your wedding. For instance, if you expect small number of guests, a small sized venue will be an ideal fit. On the other hand, a big sized venue will make a perfect choice for accommodating a big number of guests for hosting a high end party.


Besides venue, catering is another important thing to consider for a marriage party. Take into account the likings of your guests while choosing a catering service. In case you expect vegetarian as well as non vegetarian guests, choose a catering service that will be able to keep all of these guests happy and filling with lip licking delicacies. Most importantly, select a service that can offer high quality and courteous catering service on a budget.

Photographing your marriage

Obviously, you would like to capture important and highlighting events of your wedding. So be sure you hire a professional photographer for capturing appealing photos of the ceremony from varying angles. You may also want to videotape your marriage to watch the whole ceremony live in action whenever you have free time. Consider hiring an expert photographer who can shoot videos and snap photos. In this way, you will get to enjoy photos as well as videos of your marriage without shelling out too much.


Above all, pay close attention to your marriage budget. Obviously, you don't want to break your bank account while getting married. So take time and plan out your marriage budget. The amount of money for expending on renting a venue, catering, photography, decoration, outfits, jewelry etc must be considered in the light of your budget. If you stay within your financial limit, you will be able to relish a great wedding on a budget.

Final words

Enjoying a well remembered marriage certainly warrants time and efforts on your part. Without dedicating enough time, you can't ensure a great marriage. Luckily, you may get through this chore by acting prudently just like you do for go karting. Follow the above advice on marriage planning and keep track of whatever you do in view of your expectations. Best of all, stay within your planned budget, and you could be able to enjoy an unforgettable marriage you ever wished.